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Finding Used or New Beer Kegs

Two weeks ago I wanted to get 3 used beer kegs. I went to my local homebrew store and they were out of used Ball Lock kegs. They had new ones, but they wanted $120/piece for them! I called 3 other stores in the Phoenix area and no one had used Ball Lock kegs. I was not going to spend $360 for three new kegs. Used Pin Lock kegs were going for $80/piece, but I didn't want to switch over to Pin Lock.

So I searched the internet and found used kegs at https://bvrgelements.com/category/Kegs/ They had used ones from $28 to $38/piece. I ordered 3 of them with replacement seal kits. Shipping was around $30 total and it took 3-5 days to get my order, and I didn't have any problems.

The kegs had some minor dents in them. All three arrived and they held pressure. I was able to break them down and swap out all the O-rings. Reassembed them. I throughly cleaned them before use, and they worked great.  I would order from this company again.

I also bought a 3-way manifold for $37. Cheaper than the local HBS.



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