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AZ's Oldest Brewclub

Come to one of our meetings and see the fun you are missing.

Leo Bash

Party Time!

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What's happened from 1/1 to 2/24

The BA website was moved to our new server.

The Great Arizona Homebrew Competition 2015 registration database is now open. Do you have what it takes to claim a gold medal or maybe Best Of Show? Register your entries today. This is an international competition and is open to everyone.

Got our mailing list active for Brewarizona@brewarizona.org. Note you must confirm your registration to be a member. If you don't confirm you won't receive emails sent to you from the list and you can't send emails to the list either. Only members can send emails to the list. This is to stop spammers. I've seen a few spammers try to send to the list, but as the administrator I'm sent emails informing me the spammer has been blocked. If you have any questions use the feedback form to get in touch with me -> http://brewarizona.org/contact-form.htm

Got our blog working again on our new server.

Working on a GoogleDoc that will allow members to login and record the gallons of homebrew made. I hope to have this completed by 3/1.



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