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Come to one of our meetings and see the fun you are missing.

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For Sale

B.A. Store and Member Sales

Contact Bill if interested in purchasing: wn45@ymail.com

Qty   Description   Price
1   6.5 gallon Bottling Bucket   $7
1   Wing Capper   $5
1   Philmil Hand mill   $50
2   Force 2 Pump   $20
1   Funnel   $7
2   Party Pigs   $10
1   5-gallon Rubbermaid Mash Tun w/o false bottom w/90° Ball valve   $50
2   SS Hop Balls   $5
1   PolarWare® Stainless Brewing Pot - 20 Quart w/ Lid   $25
1   16 qt. SS pot w/Lid   $15
1   Small immersion Chiller   $30
1   The FermWrapâ„¢ Heater FE650   $15

There are more miscellaneous items such as hydrometers, caps, bottling sugar, and stuff.

Are you tired of...

  • Planning on bottling a batch over the next weekend and noticing you're out of bottles?
  • Being forced to drink two cases of store bought beer just for the bottles?
  • You've just noticed that the Homebrew Store closes in 5 minutes?

Well worry no more cuz we have bottles, bottles, and more bottles!
Yes gang, that's right.  We have 12 oz. bottles in both long neck and stubbies.  Perfect for that batch you have fermenting.  Will there be a chance that this beer will be judged?  Have no fear because all of these bottles are brown and have no raised lettering.  Yes, even the competition judges will be impressed with your choice of bottleware. 

But wait!  There's more!  Each bottle is guaranteed to be rinsed once, maybe. Now for the best part, they're FREE.  Yes folks that's right.  None of that green stuff getting in the way.  So don't wait, send an email today to wn45@ymail.com so you can have bottles tomorrow!

Email operators are standing by.  Cheers!


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