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Undercover cops bust Minnesota bar serving rare Wisconsin beer

Posted: 04/20/2015, 11:27am | Nick Kotecki, Digital Editor at Sun Times Network 

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New Glarus Brewing produces some of the most sought-after beer in Wisconsin’s neighboring Midwest states like Minnesota and Illinois, but it’s only available in Wisconsin.

The craving for New Glarus’ Spotted Cow flagship beer drove one Minnesota bar manager to cross state lines and bring six kegs to his establishment to serve. Patrons were happy, the state of Minnesota wasn’t.

New Glarus beer is only licensed for sale in Wisconsin due to limited supply.

Police received an anonymous tip and visited the bar themselves undercover. When they asked the bartender at the Maple Tavern in Maple Grove for a Spotted Cow, they were served a draft.

From KMSP:

Investigators also saw images of a Spotted Cow tap handle on Maple Tavern’s Facebook page, and advertising indicating that the beer was available.

Since New Glarus Brewing Company is not a licensed manufacturer of alcohol in Minnesota, there are no licensed Minnesota distributors who are authorized to legally distribute the beer to retail establishments.

“Sorry about the limited distribution, non-Wisconsinites, there are only so many hours in the day to make beer and we can only keep up with the local demand,” New Glarus apologizes on its website.

David Lantos purchased kegs of the beer at a liquor store in Hudson, Wisconsin, just across the Mississippi River.

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Finding Used or New Beer Kegs

Two weeks ago I wanted to get 3 used beer kegs. I went to my local homebrew store and they were out of used Ball Lock kegs. They had new ones, but they wanted $120/piece for them! I called 3 other stores in the Phoenix area and no one had used Ball Lock kegs. I was not going to spend $360 for three new kegs. Used Pin Lock kegs were going for $80/piece, but I didn't want to switch over to Pin Lock.

So I searched the internet and found used kegs at They had used ones from $28 to $38/piece. I ordered 3 of them with replacement seal kits. Shipping was around $30 total and it took 3-5 days to get my order, and I didn't have any problems.

The kegs had some minor dents in them. All three arrived and they held pressure. I was able to break them down and swap out all the O-rings. Reassembed them. I throughly cleaned them before use, and they worked great.  I would order from this company again.

I also bought a 3-way manifold for $37. Cheaper than the local HBS.

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